Thursday, 18 July 2013


Here's a little look into what my WORLD 
is REALLY like - ENJOY!


  1. love tom gates books. got EVERY SINGLE BOOK(including the small ones)

  2. tom gates is awesomw i have every book too!!!

  3. This video is awesome. Nice idea. Thanks for sharing this. I liked it. I will watch this again and again when I am home.
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  4. Hey liz/ Tom, is there going to be a Tom gates movie because if there is I'm gonna be the first in my country to buy it(I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!)

  5. If you do a film with real people, it would be AMAZING if i played tom These are my favourite ever books

  6. nice! loved the video really amazing. i love tom gates and i have been reading it ever since my friend told me about it

  7. these are the best books in da world

  8. I have read it and I LOVED it!!!!!!
    please write another one!!!

  9. Can't wait till I can watch this video

  10. Liz Pichon actually came to my school, I am a person from another school, but I went to that school.We got to do doodles in our workbooks, and Liz actually took a picture of my doodle! :)

  11. AWESOME!!!!
    I love all your books,I'm trying to collect them all.
    Please write lots more TOM GATES books!!!
    -Kiara- ( Kee-a-ra )

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