Thursday, 14 November 2013


I've been doing different banana doodles for a while, 

It's handy when I want to STOP DELIA (or anyone else) from eating MY bananas.

 I just doodle my name on them like this...

(You can still eat them even when you poke a whole in the skin.)

BUT TAKE a LOOK at these doodles - 

they're  AMAZING!


  1. nice banana doodle! I think I might try that! :D

  2. So cool!! Read about it in the book but never actually thought about trying it. neat work!!!!

  3. Cool, go to

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  5. Awesome!!! I never knew that it actually would work! I'm gonna try that!

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  7. Best doodles Eva. I LOVE TOM GATES :) im actually writing my own :D

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  10. I only started reading these books on boxing day and now I finished everything is a amazing ( sort of ) I have asked for more and they arrived today! I love them. They are hilarious.

  11. Wow yeah amazing banana doodles! I tried doing a banana doodle, I failed. #AwesomeTomGates

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